The way I see it, trust is the absolute basis of any relationship you can possibly achieve with any person / pet / distant animal.

In psychology a trust metric is an actual measurement to scale how much one person trusts another. In terms of relationships, trust almost ALWAYS boils down to being faithful / loyal to the one you “love”. At least in the latest generation that is definitely true, everyone worries about the actual act of cheating rather than the person themselves that would be considering to do it in the first place. An easy example of this that I see all too often is the typical situation where Girl #1 cheats on Guy #1 with Guy #2. Instead of Guy #1 attacking the root issue with Girl #1, Guy #1 involves himself with tackling Guy #2. Some cases even have the flip scenario where Guy #1 cheats on Girl #1 with Girl #2. In this situation, it’s literally circumstantial what Girl #1 does. There’s a 50/50 chance she’d confront Guy #1 AND Girl #2 to deepen herself in the drama. I’ve seen this far too many times, and even been involved with it enough for it to literally be taken a mass survey. Everything else comes after, right?

So what’s the big idea? When you look at it justly, you can see how flawed anyone’s train of thought is when they are so inclined to indulge themselves in a relationship as if they could handle it in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of a perfect relationship is a very nice prospect indeed. Just very unrealistic. Everyone has trust issues. When I see people demanding that their partners need to change in order for them to stay together, I actually get physically sick. It’s hard to see the human race keep degenerating no matter how aware of it we are. Like I tell everyone that comes to me with relationship “issues“;

“People don’t change. They only compromise.”

I’ve said it countless times, and I’ll continue to say it. Understanding trust isn’t a matter of a opinion any more. It evolves as quickly as we do, since WE define it ourselves. So it definitely can be defined as something simple. You can complicate your relationship as much as you want, but if there really is no trust from the very beginning, it’d be like building a house with no foundation or a computer with no hard drive xD. All bad analogies aside, we can all agree this one concept can single-handedly shred any type of relationship between any two (or more) living creatures. But here comes the bigger question.

What do you do when you’ve known the person far too long? You absolutely have no reason NOT to trust them right?

I’ve seen a couple people turn their own lives around completely from doing bad things to being a good role model. Does that contradict when I say people don’t change? Definitely not. Once a person has developed their own personality, you just can’t change it. Not even them. So why is it that people appear to have changed? Well that answer is simple. Everyone makes adjustments to their own lifestyle to fit their partners. You see it all the time and it pisses you off. It makes you feel softer, so you say: “I’m not changing for any one”, or the popular “if they don’t like who I am, then we shouldn’t be together”. This also applies to friendly relationships as well. Everyone wants to impress someone. You can’t stop it. Trying to, makes you look like an asshole. Trust me, the last thing you want is for people to look at you and deem you emotionless.

Finding out how much you can trust someone is actually BETTER if it’s based on experience and biased information.

Don’t make this complicated. It pisses people off. If you need someone’s trust, make them give it to you or prove themselves. Don’t pretend you can trust someone based on how trustworthy they are from another persons perspective. I’d like to think everyone would trust others in their own damn way. In either case, we rather kill ourselves than to invest more time trying to make someone believe how trustworthy we are.

What’s the fun in dying.

Trust will always be a weakness. It will hurt everyone. Knowing this, we all still use it as a form of …currency. lol.

Maybe I’ll just stick to my analogies.

~ q

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