You’re probably asking yourself what I’m working on now after having released a lot of non-utility apps. I know you’re not asking yourself anything. I’m providing indirect exposition for this vague post that will (in the end) not even give you any detail about it.

Anyway, right now I’m working on a dating app. Yeah yeah, Tinder already exists, and PlentyOfFish is eating everything up. The problem with the dating apps of today is that they focus on increasing the number of people you match with, rather than trying to increase interaction with whoever you match. I’m going to take the opposite approach and see if I can create an intuitive way to engage people to talk to each other in a more meaningful way. Instead of dealing with swiping right or tapping like, you should base your judgment on how engaged the person is when in the conversation.

There are a couple different mechanics I’m going to be playing with to achieve this while sacrificing the old’ rapid-fire matchup scheme, which is just not long term. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for. In that case, this should definitely be a fun app to use. Stay tuned.