Words rehearsed in my mind as if you were the only of your kind
Here lies what you’ve left of me…
A flame that no one dare put out
I walk with pride knowing I was yours and you were mine
No longer trapped in the confines of my own mind
Here I stand because of you
Often painted in hues of cool blues
said only absorb intelligent content
said if I knelt down
it should only be to pick up my crown
the biggest part of your vision
always to be considered before any decision
made sure my roots held strong
No falls should that windstorm come
body and mind
no separation
said id be my brother’s keeper and my sister’s big sister
said you felt the same pressure
Gave me confidence in my naked body
Said no mistakes made by her God Almighty
what she gave me
The eyes can not see
the embodiment of the proverbial god seed
Liberal in thinking
Mentality set
Ship’s never sinking
Nurtured and cared
Gave me that spoon
Ain’t no one goin’¬†hungry over here
My tongue sharp
Everything led to a spark
Said there’s no end
The tail meets the dragon head
was always ready with my fist up
you showed me love would never leave us
during sleep, I dream of you
lately, it be in wake too
but this day doesn’t make me sad y’know
I just be thinking how your life helped me grow
Now I can’t talk about we
Cause I only know what she gave me
HER life gave me heart and
I just want the world to know
my wonder woman

~ @LiseArJ