Wow, it’s been exactly a year since my last post. That is appalling, and I apologize. To make up for it I’ll be posting much more frequently from now on! On to my latest app:

Chiclets is a multiplayer game that tests your reflexes and compares your reaction time to anyone else.

Some things about my apps I just get so annoyed with, like it’s lack of any design path or usability, but my games frustrate me on a whole new level. This game in particular, I’m not even that good at. I tried. I really tried to be good at this, but the main mechanic rests on your ability to match the colors in front of your eyes with the colors in front of your thumbs/fingers.

The idea of the game is to beat your opponent by getting the highest score in 30 seconds. Every color you tap correctly will reward you stacking points, while every time you mess up your stacked points get reset and you get punished with negative points. Doing the scoring in this way prevents users from spamming all colors trying to get lucky with high stacking scores. If you win against the CPU, it doesn’t really count for much as I programmed it to be fairly easy. If you win against a real player, a point gets added to your global wins which you can always see on your top left. If you lose, you get nothing.


When the game finishes you’ll be granted a scorecard that shows you your score and your opponents/CPU score. Under that, you’ll notice an attractive looking grid graphic. I created an algorithm that creates this grid based on the game you just played. It takes your unique game pattern and properly displays it analogously within 40 milliseconds. If you trace from the beginning of the pattern you’ll realize that a certain square is a different color than the assigned three colors of your current game. This “inverted” color scheme intuitively shows you where you left off out of the 500 squares in the game.

The multiplayer portion of the game relies strictly on a couple of VPS boxes I have set up to handle a bunch of players at a time (should stack nicely if more people play).

Anyway, that’s about it, for this game/app. Moving on to my next project (just some service updates 😉 ).

Download Chiclets for Android here:

Get it on Google Play