Let’s Build a Garden

She looked at me directly in the eyes and said “let’s build a garden” with that beautiful smile that always made me feel so calm and stoic. I asked her “don’t you mean grow a garden?”. It never once crossed my mind that a garden should be manufactured as opposed to being naturally grown. She said “yeah, here, just buy some land and box off where you want the garden to be”. I definitely had a couple questions about this approach.

“I already have some land and a box of my own exactly how I wanted it. Why do I need more land and another box?” I questioned as honestly as I could. She retorted with “you’re too used to that land, you need to try something new. Get a new box. Fill it with new things for this garden”. I looked at her and couldn’t believe how quickly I changed my opinion on the matter. “I guess that makes sense”.

I went out and got some new land along with a new box all the while thinking through my head what if this doesn’t work out, what if the garden doesn’t fit or it’s not enough space just as she specified. “This is the new land? Great! Could be better, but good enough“. I wasn’t sure if I should feel insulted or complimented, no matter, this was going to be a garden!

“So now… where did you want to put the box?” … I wasn’t really an expert on gardens nor have I had any experience with them. “Just.. anywhere you want I guess.” I said sternly struggling to keep myself from falling over in confusion.

“No, you choose.” …

“I really don’t think I’m qualified.” …

She snapped back with the old’ “I don’t even know why I bother” … woah. “Was the garden not your idea?”… after the meta-escalation and frustration, she said “well, go dig some holes.”

That’s fair. I dig the holes, she would plant the seeds. I had this super-efficient process all planned out and ready to go. I start digging the holes.

Months go by and I ask her “how come you haven’t planted any seeds?” …

“So that’s my job too? Okay, sorry. But I need the holes to be much bigger. Go redo them.” …

…what? but.. okay. “Which ones exactly?” …

“Go to the garden, and look at every hole, and decide for yourself if they are the right size. If they are, come back and tell me so I can decide if you’re right then I could plant a seed.”

… It started to feel like I was being pressured into doing something that not only wasn’t necessary but also pointless if, at the end of it she would make her own decision anyway. Not sure what exactly I should be doing, I go over to the holes and start digging some a lot bigger. In retrospect, I can see that I definitely dug some too small and some too big but for the most part they could all be filled in once the seeds were planted right?

So for a couple months more, I took the time to redo each hole when about halfway through I notice she was watching pretty closely. One afternoon I turn around to ask her about the dimensions of the holes and she kicks me into the biggest one.

I fall in.

Firstly I’m thinking, how the hell did I manage to dig such a big hole. I was almost proud of myself for accomplishing something I’ve never done before, but more importantly, why the hell did she kick me into this hole. I look up and ask her to help me out, I was never that comfortable being in such claustrophobic spaces.

She looks at me and pauses for a couple of long seconds and says something that threw me off guard.


Erhmm… for what? I’m thinking, could it be the sizes of the holes? Was it the fact that I attributed the garden to being her idea or that I wouldn’t take 50% of the responsibility of taking care of the garden? wait… was I not already doing that? My confusion only worsened when she said “I’m sorry, I just can’t help you out until you apologize. If you don’t know what for, that’s just too bad since I’ve been putting up with it for months.”

This confusion quickly turns into frustration and annoyance with this catch-22 she’s practically put me in. Her quixotic and irrational behavior clearly must be clouding her judgment right? She wants me to apologize for something she started in the first place. I’m somewhat of a pragmatist so I urge her to let me know exactly what I’d be apologizing for.

I believe in the truth, and I don’t think humans should be gaslit in this manner let alone succumb to such a debasing ideal such as “showing vulnerability for the sake of it”. There should always be a point when it comes to disagreements, so where was it?

If you rob me of redemption citing correlation = causation, I’d say you’d need to check yourself. Then again, what if I really needed to apologize for something? Is there a way this catch-22 loop could be lifted somehow? Not if she doesn’t want it to.

I ask her one more time… “Is it possible you could be a little more specific as to what I’ve done wrong?”. She takes a picture of the garden and sends it to me. It’s the same holes I’ve been staring at trying to fix this entire time. I look back up, and she’s no longer there. I’m trapped in this circular rut.

I spent months building this garden with the promise that seeds would be planted, without even being capable of fathoming the possibility that she would never plant them.


Why build this garden? Why dig these holes? Why place this box? Why buy this land?

This thought process led me in circles for days. Without the truth, there’s just no way to solve and answer these questions I’ve been forced to ask. I spent all this time worrying about the holes in the garden, I wasn’t given the opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

She’s definitely gone.

Humans tend to “put up” with things just for the experience. As if playing the lottery is in some warped way respectful to the lottery tickets. They would do something for the sake of doing it to better themselves because no matter how you slice it, you’re getting all the cake if you’ve got the knife. It just bothered me that the prospect of a garden was something I grew to want, from not wanting it at all based on a force-fed fairytale. Then it hit me.

In reality, I never had a garden. There were never any seeds to begin with.

CATminer – A portless multi-platform monitor

CATminer is the result of a lot of people from the private sector asking me for a multi-platform monitoring/controlling solution for multiple types of cryptocurrency miners that is both easy to use and easy to maintain. It’s designed for the average user to download and instantly have access to mining software that can be automatically updated and configured remotely if needed.

CATminer’s portless design is intuitive enough to allow you to monitor your miners as well as control them without forwarding any ports or dealing with routers/networks. You simply copy and past a 6 character code and you’re synced up!

There are two pricing models for CATminer to satisfy both types of miners. For the small home miner, the developer fee is 1% of mining every 24 hours. For the large mining farm maintainers that would rather not pay a percentage in mining, can pay a monthly fee ($10) for unlimited use of all current and future supported miners by simply contacting me. You’re free to choose whichever payment method you feel is fair.

The monitor and miner are integrated in the same program so CATminer can run multiple times on the same machine if you need a monitor and a miner. Clicking the cat within CATminer will provide you with a one-time use code (ex. XXX-XXX) that can be used to link to another CATminer monitor.

Currently, there’s a couple of planned features (aside from supporting more custom miners) that I want to add to CATminer that should make it easier to use including a mobile app (iOS, Android) as well as API’s and AI Integrations for messengers like Telegram and Facebook Messenger. I’m also testing out a practical way to make it seamlessly work with Google Assistant so you can control your miners wherever there is Google.

Auto-updating CATminer currently only works on Windows.

CATminer downloads below.

Currently Supported Miners

BFGMiner – Windows/Mac/Linux (SHA-256/Scrypt ASIC miner)

XMR-STAK – Windows/Mac/Linux (CryptoNight GPU miner)

BMiner – Windows (Equihash GPU miner)

Currently Supported Monitors

BFGMiner – Windows/Mac/Linux (SHA-256/Scrypt ASIC miner)

XMR-STAK – Windows/Mac/Linux (CryptoNight GPU miner)

BMiner – Windows (Equihash GPU miner)

Antminer L3+ – Windows/Mac/Linux (Scrypt ASIC miner)

Changelog 0.5

++ Added support for Cryptotimer

— Fixed the updating bug on Windows.


scrshot.io – Fast Screenshots!

scrshot.io is a web service and multi-platform app that makes it easier and much more simple to take screenshots and share them with everyone. Imagine dragging a box across your screen and instantly having a shareable URL to send to someone less than a second later! Here it is on Product Hunt!

scrshot is free and runs on Windows / Mac / Linux and can be downloaded at scrshot.io. It has a plethora of useful options that help you make it run just exactly how you like it. If you have the Auto-Upload switch checked than every time you snap a screenshot the image will be automatically uploaded to the server, providing you with a URL that you can share to someone publically (ex. https://scrshot.io/ZZ).

All non-encrypted images let you hotlink to them directly if you just need the image file. The encryption feature lets you secure your image so that only the people with the private key/password can ever see it.

For encrypting your images, we use randomly salted AES-256 with a key/password you provide. It’s encrypted before ever being uploaded so that when it’s on the server, no one can view it without that special key you provided. The encryption option also provides you with an instantly shareable URL as well (that reveals the key/password) so you can send it off privately.

Go to scrshot.io

Take Care of the Proper Paperwork

Take Care of the Paperwork is a relatively fast-paced tapping management game. I’ve been told it plays similar to Papers, Please. The idea is pretty simplistic as all you have to do is file the paperwork in their proper categories/bins.





As soon as you pull a file out, you’re tasked with certain things you need to do in order to file that paperwork properly. Sign it, stamp it, staple it, fill it out or just file it in the right cabinet. Seems pretty simple at first, until you start running out of time and need to file more than 100 papers in labeled bins.

Grab it on steam at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/882290/Take_Care_of_the_Paperwork/

You can download it for android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qberty.tcotp


PS Vita VPK Editor [UPDATE 1.2]

Hey there folks, I decided to make a simple cross-platform application to help users modify their VPK files thematically. My VPK Editor was designed to help you change up the graphic assets of your VPK’s livearea/icon.


  • Opens any VPK file designed for the PS Vita
  • Let’s you change the icon, the livearea icon, and the livearea background image
  • Automatically converts the images (from JPEG or PNG) to the correct bit-depth (8 bit) supported by the PS Vita
  • Mai Dump ZIP support


VPK Editor 1.2 for Windows (5062 downloads)

VPK Editor 1.2 for Mac (1232 downloads)

VPK Editor 1.2 for Linux (1274 downloads)

VPK Editor 1.2 for Linux 64 (1298 downloads)


— Version 1.2 —

  • Fixed squared window bug. (uses a widescreen friendly window size)
  • Added basic support for modifying the template XML

— Version 1.1 —

  • Added Mai Dump ZIP support. You can now change the graphics of VPK’s and Dumps!

If there’s enough interest, I’ll continue to work on adding more features to it (like editing the template.xml with your own text).

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