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5 Min Read

She looked at me directly in the eyes and said “let’s build a garden” with that beautiful smile that always made me feel so calm and stoic. I asked her “don’t you mean grow a garden?”. It never once crossed my mind that a garden should be manufactured as opposed…

2 Min Read

I’ve dabbled here and there in the world of micromanagement games, and most of my products and code usually always steer clear from offering the user too many options. So being on board a project such as a micromanagement game/app, there was a lot of things I needed to learn…

1 Min Read

Here’s a game I just recently started working on for Android and iOS. Everyone already knows the games I create are a little “out there” with pretty abstract concepts. I figured I should at least make ONE addictive puzzle game using my style of design (minimalistic) and substance.