is a web service and multi-platform app that makes it easier and much more simple to take screenshots and share them with everyone. Imagine dragging a box across your screen and instantly having a shareable URL to send to someone less than a second later! Here it is on Product Hunt!

scrshot is free and runs on Windows / Mac / Linux and can be downloaded at It has a plethora of useful options that help you make it run just exactly how you like it. If you have the Auto-Upload switch checked than every time you snap a screenshot the image will be automatically uploaded to the server, providing you with a URL that you can share to someone publically (ex.

All non-encrypted images let you hotlink to them directly if you just need the image file. The encryption feature lets you secure your image so that only the people with the private key/password can ever see it.

For encrypting your images, we use randomly salted AES-256 with a key/password you provide. It’s encrypted before ever being uploaded so that when it’s on the server, no one can view it without that special key you provided. The encryption option also provides you with an instantly shareable URL as well (that reveals the key/password) so you can send it off privately.

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