Here’s a game I just recently started working on for Android and iOS. Everyone already knows the games I create are a little “out there” with pretty abstract concepts. I figured I should at least make ONE addictive puzzle game using my style of design (minimalistic) and substance.

level 4The idea behind it being that you need to match the negative charges with the positive charges (opposites attract right?…..RIGHT!?). I’m designing two separate types of gameplay. A time sensitive puzzle/Sokobond type game, and a bejeweled/match symbols to progress type game. I already don’t like the amount of clones there are on the market for this style so hopefully I can do some really cool things.

You can think of a Capacitor as like a battery that stores it’s current in it’s nodes unlike actual batteries. A Capacitor actually doesn’t contact both negative and positive sides together like a battery. It uses a dielectric to keep the charges on their sides. To discharge it you simply remove the source that was used to charge it and the negative charges run back to their positive doppelgangers.

The puzzle part of this game will require you to simply avoid all obstacles to get to your positive charge.

Oh, also I realize a lot of you are waiting for me to update my other apps and games (Narcissu, DEX, the Visual Novel Engine, and Cryptian). Don’t worry, i’d never let any of my apps just die without any updates. Live for the updates!

~ q