Here is an app i’ve been working on for a while now and just finished it! It’s a Paycoin minesweeper game! Win XPY by tapping the boxes that don’t have bombs in them! I would appreciate it a lot if some of you could test it out, if it gets populated then I can justify expanding it’s feature set.

It has 0% house-edge! meaning I do not impose any advantages from the server. Entropy increases with more people playing by using a rolling UUID code that splices with the pseudo-random server UUID with almost no lag (between rolls)!

To allow for easier betting, a single paycoin = 1000000 bits (one million bits). No minimum deposit, 0.001 (transaction fee) minimum withdrawal. To get 10000 FREE bits (0.01 XPY), simply message me by googling my name.

This app is currently for Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (I’ll be working on an iOS version if wanted).
This game is currently for Paycoin (XPY). Though I have plans to make it run on bitcoin and other crypto if others want it.

Click Here to Play Bitsweep!


  • 0% House Edge
  • 0% Deposit/Withdrawal Fee
  • Rolling client/server UUID code
  • Best odds compared to any other coin game!
  • Highest reward for your risk!
  • Multi-platform
  • Two-Way Referral System! Refer your friends to play and you all can benefit!
  • Powerups! Use powerups increase your chances of winning! (Powerups will be credited every hour, starting with Update 1.4)
  • Investment System (You can choose to invest deposited XPY for a share of the Bitsweep Pool!
  • NEW IN UPDATE 1.3 – Multiplayer! (Face off against other players to see who can last the longest for 2x their bet!

Coming Soon?

  • Android Wear / Google Glass Support (not sure if anyone would want this, but i’d like to see if I could do it) The website will be just like the app once I make the app feature complete and I get an SSL certificate all set up with